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About the Artist

Sandy truth is a certified reiki master and Teacher third level . She has been involved with reiki healing for six years and continuing to explore and learn the ancient dynamics of potential healing energetically for physicall , mental and spiritual vitality. With an understanding of the chakras , crystal and mineral metaphysics as well as auric/arcline health , sound vibrations , and visionary clarity. Sandy offers sessions to help break through , release , restore and harmonize abnormalities and to bring homeostasis to the alignment of your chakras. Sandy is a strong believer in unearthing self love and compassion to help in your journey whether  is healing , searching , curiosity, or traumatic release. 

Also, has been practicing yoga for 8 years. She started on this pathway as a tool to help her recover postpartum and to help her heal from PTSD. During this journey, as she has incorporated yogic ways into her daily life, she has found more than she could have hoped for! Finding self-love, mindfulness, and a deeper connection with what speaks to her heart, Sandy continues on her journey to help empower and envoke self-love and healing in others; she desires that everyone learns to find peace and tranquility through letting go and embracing the warrior within for the good of love and light. 


Throughout her journey she has now earned her certification as an advanced 500 Hour yoga teacher specializing in vinyasa , kundalini , trauma informed , lunar wisdom , enneagram, and power yoga.  She is also a certified reiki master, licensed cosmetologist, certified in botanical medicine. She offers herbal first aid and support for those suffering from emotional trauma, is an advocate for awareness in domestic violence and the owner and creator of For Claudia's Sayke herbal skin care , and leather clothing company of “Alien Ambassadors” and a professional silversmith. 

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