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School of Truth

Hello everyone it's been awhile .. as I have been busy with my ideas and creating as well with my beautiful children . With this time I have thought deeply about the next steps And have concluded it's time to start teaching more classes and facilitating a space to allow you to learn and discover your truths , powers , and magical creative abilities. Not only do I want to be a teacher and space holder, I want to nurture myself through in person experiences that allow us to be more of a collective of love and healing as move into this new earth and strange times. As start to announce classes and workshops, I am also learning how to use my Website more and trusting the universe has us all in mind during this huge new phase of my life.

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Keith Galumbeck
Keith Galumbeck
Sep 17, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to teach and share your insights. You summarized it well - being a collective of love!

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